My week in books and tea 10.27.19

Doesn’t it seem like, 30 minutes ago, it was Friday evening and now, a few hours later, we’re at Sunday night? I’m trying to figure out why the weekend isn’t an equal number of days to the work week. Things you think about over tea as you get ready for Monday…

Pup update: I shared a few weeks ago one of the reasons why I had been MIA in the blog space was because of my pup having some issues with her hind legs. She’s making good progress each week. This is from her recent physical therapy appointment. She’s after the cheese treat working those back legs, like I DON’T feed her at home. Treats motivate and the physical therapist (in blue) said I am a tough trainer but would make a good therapist. Haha! The one pointing at the treat was charmed by my small pup, giving her treats although my pup was being a little slack at first. I was on the other side of the obstacle course and called my pup and told her she better work if she wanted the treat. We had a fun session!

My pup’s happy, energetic disposition continues to dominate her personality. You would never think she’s been through so much in the last 7 weeks but she’s resilient. When friends came over today for tea, I had to remind her to slow down when she ran to the door to greet them. She tipped over repeatedly, but once she calmed down, they gave her a few snuggles and hugs (after tea).

What I finished reading

Diamond Doris: The True Story of the World’s Most Notorious Jewel Thief by Doris Payne was one of my most anticipated reads since attending the Decatur Book Festival a few months ago. I’ve linked my full review ICYMI.

Look Both Ways by Jason Reynolds was received as a complimentary audiobook from A short book of ten tales of middle grade kids that made me laugh and remember being a kid can be fun, but it can be hard too.

What I’m reading

The Gilded Years continues to be an enjoyable read. I’m close to the end and what happened in thr last few chapters made me think about how this book is like Passing and The House of Mirth. I should finish it today or tomorrow and look forward to discussing it with friends.

My Cousin Rachel by Daphne duMaurier I picked up from my library on audio because after finishing Vera (Elizabeth von Arnim) last week, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that book and felt I needed some suspenseful reading. I wonder what’s going to happen now that cousin Rachel has gotten upset with Philip.

“Christ! I thought, so that’s how women behave. I had never felt so angry, nor so spent.

You better leave her alone for now Philip, I’m not sure what will happen if you don’t.

Steep of the week

☕️ The Cup: Murder on the Orient Express |🍃Tea Type: Black| 💌 From: Harney and Sons

I picked this tea up earlier this year for the sole purpose of pairing it with Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. This afternoon, I had a few friends over for tea and they wanted to give it a try. This tea has smoky flavor that’s not overpowering. I’m a novice in the smoky tea space but I’m happy to report this paired nicely with this chocolate crossiant that just about disappeared before I realized I needed to snap a picture for today’s post.


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8 thoughts on “My week in books and tea 10.27.19

  1. I’ve moved My Cousin Rachel to mid-January, as The Literary Elephant and I are going to read/review it at the same time so we can discuss. If you want to hold your review until then, or if you simply want to jump in and add in the comment section, I’m sure we’d both love that!

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  2. I’m so glad your pup is doing better! Thanks for the update.

    I loved My Cousin Rachel. It’s going to be one of my favorites for this year.

    Also, I didn’t notice a comment box available for your latest post about the book darts. I don’t make notations in my books usually for my own purposes, only for reviewing purposes – and then I put regular sized post-it notes in the back of the book and just write down passages I want to come back to. Very occasionally, if it’s my own copy and I know I will reread it, I will write in a book.

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    1. Thanks Laila! So happy she’s making progress each week.

      I’m about halfway with My Cousin Rachel and looking forward to seeing what happens!

      Not sure what is happening with my comments, the last time you caught that too. I think I might know what that is happening. But thanks for sharing your thoughts on the recent post. It’s something I often wonder about because when I was in school we were never encouraged to write or annotate books we were reading. I really like the book darts they come in handy when I want to mark something I want to refer back to

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