Choose Your Mark

What books are in this picture?  This post is less about the books and more about what I’ve used to mark favorite quotes or passages. I find it helpful to have things marked for books I will be discussing for buddy reads, readalongs or other book groups.

I’d like to take a moment and discuss some of the different things I’ve used over the years – I call it Choose Your Mark – along with what I’ve found to be pros and cons with each mark.

Post-it page markers

✔️Pros: inexpensive, colorful

🚫Cons: wear and tear when reshelving

These are nice and colorful (no color coding I just use what I have) but when the book makes it back to the shelf, well, they get a little smashed.  But does that add to the books character? I’ll let you be the judge.

Small Post-it Refill Flag

✔️Pros: small, discreet size

🚫 Cons: can’t find in store

At one point in time, I had what I thought was one of the BEST things ever–the highlighter, page flag pen. I LOVED them.  Sometimes I’d need to highlight something I was reading or a portion of some notes I’d taken. But since I’ve been very reluctant to write in any book I’m reading (here’s how I started annotating) post-it flags were my EVERYTHING because they were small and discreet.

I found these as refills on Amazon and started to use them again until…see next section

Book darts

✔️Pros: small and barely visible

✔️Easy to use

✔️Can move & reuse

✔️Doesn’t tear or damage page

🚫 Cons: Amazon is increasing the price every time I order them!

Last year I saw these on bookstagram and knew I had to have these. I went to Amazon and IMMEDIATELY ordered some.  I use them constantly and have probably reorders about 4 times. I tell all my friends who are like me, who want to remember the line and page of a favorite passage, use these. As you move to the left side of the stack of books pictured, you see they are almost invisible and don’t hang out like my post-it flags.

When I read on my Kindle Oasis, this is not an issue since I can make notes electronically. I also keep a book journal which I talked about in a post here. So fellow readers, what do you use to mark or tag passages you love and want to remember the next time you flip through your book? Choose your mark and tell me why it’s helpful and which you prefer, since I’m always curious about things like this.


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