My Tea Challenge

Staring April 1, I’m starting a 30 day tea challenge, which means I will drink the same 3 teas until I’ve depleted my supply of those teas. This is easier said than done because I like varieTEA which makes it a challenge for me to limit my choices. I usually drink what I’m in the mood for which translates to a black tea in the morning, a green tea in the afternoon and a tisane (aka herbal which includes rooibos) in the evening, but also enjoy oolong, white, or puerh (fermented black).

So how do I decide which teas to start with? First, I took an inventory of all my tea, which does not include samples from friends lest we be here all day. I also did NOT include the bagged teas stored in my tea cabinet (in the front panels) but the tea that lives behind those doors are stored in tins just waiting for me to drink.

After I pulled everything out, I have over 60 teas! Next, I grouped by where I received or purchased the tea. I even have a category for teas I’m going to giveaway because all teas need a happy home. Finally, teas that have been on my shelf the longest have prioriTEA because the majoriTEA have a shelf life, approximately 2 years, with some exceptions, like matcha. So I have the time sensitive section for those teas.

Above is a mind map I created for the inventory which helped me visualize what I have and quickly organize and move things around. There are a few teas that will always be on hand because they are my favorite. These will not be a part of the tea challenge and I’ll plan to share a post about why I consider them essential in my tea life.

Since the March is quickly drawing to a close, I need to decide which teas I’ll be drinking for the challenge along with some maybe a second and third tier of options because the goal is to finish teas! I will probably start with the time sensitive teas first. Which teas sound interesting to you? Which would you start with? Suggestions on the which teas I should select as second and third options based on the inventory mind map?


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17 thoughts on “My Tea Challenge

    1. I love mind maps, it is very helpful in helping me organize and brainstorm idea especially this one for the tea! Lol.

      Any recommendations on some 2nd and 3rd tier options for the challenge? Any tea sound interesting?


  1. As you know, I have limited knowledge of tea. However, both the Royal Wedding Tea and the Zingiber Ginger Coconut tea sound cool (one cuz it sounds fancy, and the other cuz it sounds like an outer space name).

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  2. Love the mind map – though I’m useless at interpreting them so I have no idea which are the 2nd and 3rd tiers! 🤦‍♀️

    If this was me (and it probably should be given how many packets I have open and piling up in the cupboard) I think I’d start with the teas which have you have the least of. You will get through a greater variety of teas and have the satisfaction of empty packets.

    Good luck! 🍵

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    1. I shouldn’t have used the word tier, I realize now it sounds confusing so I changed that. Thanks. This kind map is just a way to organize visually all of the tea but what a good suggestion on starting with the ones I have the least of, I think I will use those as options throughout the tea drinking day.

      I’ll report weekly on my progress in the wrap up starting in April. 😉

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  3. A) WOW that’s organized.
    B) I should really do something like this as well – tbh I’m in desperate need for one LOL
    C) Ok, you’ve convinced me. I’m also thankful it’s finally getting warm-ish so I can just throw my tisanes in my pitcher and let them live in my fridge for a day or two haha.

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    1. A) I may or may not be a little bit of an organization nerd. Mind maps are excellent, especially with helping me plan the challenge.
      B) Join me 😂
      C) now that you’re convinced let’s see how many we can finish. Ready. Set. Tea.

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  4. I thought I had a tea problem – but mine pales into insignificance compared to yours:-)
    If you join in Dewey’s 24 hr readathon this weekend, you should get lots more tea drunk (at least that’s what happens to me every readathon!)

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    1. I always think one can never have enough tea but it’s time I do something about reducing how much I have. You’d think it shouldn’t be that much since I drink it everyday…

      I enjoy readathons, I missed one on IG–2 days to read 8 hours (#8intwo) because it was such a busy weekend. Maybe next time! But definitely a lot more reading and tea drinking 😉

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