My week in books and tea 3.23.19

I almost posted this yesterday but I’m glad I waited because there are a few things that happened I’d like to share; you’ll find them under weekend shenanigans.

What I finished reading this week

This week’s book, Belgravia by Julian Fellows (click for my full review) was one I picked up for 2 reasons. The first was because the narrator is one of my favorite, Juliet Stevenson. She is a phenomenal narrator and I’m convinced I would listen to almost anything she narrates. The second is because I was a big fan of the show Downton Abbey.

What I have been drinking

β˜• The Cup: Organic Nilgiri Silk | πŸƒ Tea Type: Black | From: Field to Cup

This tea has a smooth and slightly malty flavor that’s toned down because of the honey notes in this tea. No wonder it’s called Nilgiri Silk. Please note- The link to Field to Cup is an affiliate link. I will earn a small commission if you use it to place an order.

β˜• The Cup: Mexican Hot Chocolate | πŸƒ Tea Type: Black | From: Field to Cup

I was curious and hesitant to try this tea because it has chili flakes. I like spice in my tea from the usual suspects, ginger, clove, cardamom. But when I prepared this tea I decided NOT follow the instructions for 2 level tsp per 8oz of water. I used 2 tsp for 2 cups (this large mug).

I sipped with caution and didn’t scream fire in the hole on the first sip. There seemed like a slightly peppery flavor but no this tea wasn’t spicy, it got hotb at the end of the sip. I decided to put the πŸ”₯ out and turn this into a latte (and had a cup of yogurt too).

As a latte the heat is not as prevelant and I can taste some of the sweetness in the tea. The heat almost mellows to a point where it almost disappears and I can drink the tea enjoyably. I will gift the rest to a friend.

In other tea related news: About a month ago, one of my essential tea prep items, my preprogrammed electric kettle wouldn’t open one afternoon when I was about to make some tea. I used my kettle repeatedly, daily, for almost 3 years. The kettle heated it’s last cup of water on February 19 and I was really beside myself because it’s like another part of me.

But I remembered the device came with a 3 year warranty. Problem solved right? Well, after several misfires with customer service and some frustration on my part because no one I spoke to could understand WHY I needed the replacement the same day the original died, (no I didn’t say that but tea lovers reading this can probably understand what I’m saying) I waited patiently for the replacement. The new kettle showed up on my doorstep yesterday. I’m accustomed to pressing the correct temperature for whatever tea I plan to drink. Tea time and prep back to what I consider normal! Kettle is back on my tea station and life’s TEA-RRIFIC!

What I’m Currently Reading

This week I continued reading A Mountain of Crumbs which I’m enjoying but realizing it can’t be rushed. Each chapter feels like a slice, or breadcrumbs from the authors childhood.

I started Cane by Jean Toomer and I love the poetry and short vignettes that evoke images of Toomer’s time in Georgia in the first section. Another one I have to take my time with. I received a free copy of Cane from the publisher Penguin Classics.

Weekend Shenanigans

Breakfast for lunch or dinner? Yes, please! I enjoyed a lovely spring afternoon with friends at La Madeleine French bakery & CafΓ©! A few opted for the $5 mimosas alongside their meals. I opted for these delicious Belgian-style waffles and strawberries and a potato galette. I was disappointed with the options for tea and was upset with myself for not preparing my own and bringing it with me.

Afterwards, we chatted outside about doing this again soon but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture a few pictures of this lovely blooming tree for wallpaper options on my phone or tablet.

What I’m Planning

  • Plans for the 30 day tea challenge coming this week. Stay tuned! Where and how I got all these books (mug not included) for a grand total of $1.51.

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16 thoughts on “My week in books and tea 3.23.19

  1. Enjoyed reading your tea and books weekly adventure. Your Belgian-style waffle looks delicious. I love waffles and also bought some yesterday to eat them with maple syrup πŸ™‚ A Mountain of Crumbs also sounds interesting. Being Russian, I stay away from Russia-related books simply because I do not find them as culturally challenging in terms of them opening a new world. However, I have recently read Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago, and I am ashamed I have not read it before because I now realise how significant the book is.


  2. One of our Saturday morning rituals is to go to a nearby French Bakery for breakfast. I’m intrigued about how you got all those books for $1.51 πŸ™‚ also I’m really enjoy the weekend series

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds like a perfect way to start the weekend at a bakery for breakfast. LA Madeleine is one of my favorite places to grab lunch too or just go on for pastries. I wanted to get a lemon tart but I didn’t because I needed some tea.
      Thanks for the feedback on the weekend series as it gives me something to share on the blog each week. The books for $1.51 is a post in hoping to share this coming week as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop giggling after I saw you used a fire emoji in the middle of the sentence. I never see that on blogs, and it just really had a cool effect! I’m so glad your tea machine was replaced. I was worried you were going to say that it had just passed three years and now you couldn’t get it replaced. When it quit working on February 19th, did you have a lil tea machine funeral? #RIP

    Liked by 1 person

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