It’s Not All Downhill from Here

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“Would you like some hot tea or does that make you feel like an old lady?”

— It’s Not All Downhill from Here, Terry McMillan

First off, great Auntie Lo (Loretha), I implore you and Jalecia STOP MAKING TEA USING THE MICROWAVE and dunking tea bags in the water. Y’all missing out in life. Do I need to send you some of this tea from Brooklyn Tea, this Belgian Chocolate Rooibos is so good, ijs. I think you would love it.

I KNOW you are 69, slaying (I might add), but I know what you thought about saying. You were about to cuss me out but remember, you said you were working on that (I really appreciate it because you and the other aunties was, well you know, vocal). On top of the fact I know you also was about to pull the, WHO YOU THINK YOU TALKING TO card but Auntie, for real — you are NOT supposed to be making tea this way.

Understandably it has been a rough last year and a half, Uncle Carl, cousin Jalecia, Auntie Odessa and that’s not all. Your doctor’s have been telling you you need to take better care of yourself, but you are always helping everyone else. And it’s hard changing habits, because like you, I need to get in front of my diet and exercise.

Lessons I learned while reading your thoughts, I thought you’d like if I sent you a letter like great-great auntie (your mom) sends you. I am enclosing some stamps for you to give her until we can travel again (COVID-19 is nothing to play with).

  • You can still be fabulous at any age and own it
  • Your family can get on your last nerve but because you love them and you still bail them out of mess
  • Good friends will tell you the truth about yourself
  • We have to take better care of ourselves even when it’s hard if we want to have the best life we can (it’s not too late to start)
  • Don’t give up on the people you love
  • Aunties, great aunties and grandmothers cuss each other out on a regular basis
  • Mental health and well-being especially in the Black community is something we need to talk about and advocate

Auntie Poochie said, “It does not have to be all downhill from here. So put it in fourth gear and floor it!”

Well I will talk to you later because there are a few people I need to talk to real quick about your story. I know you won’t mind.

P.S. I’m sending the tea with some easy instructions on preparing it. Will change your life Auntie. Bye!

While it’s been awhile since I’ve read McMillan (college maybe), she really made you feel like you knew these ladies and ran in their circle. They are women with lives and families but at the heart of this story is coping with loss and how one way we can show we appreciate the gift of life we have is by being patient and understanding with each other and ourself. But also honest about getting the help we need and making changes before it’s too late.


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4 thoughts on “It’s Not All Downhill from Here

  1. I listened to McMillan’s audiobook of Who Asked You? and loved it, and I have I Almost Forgot About You on my schedule. I’m pumped. The other day on CBS Morning News, Gayle King said that she loved Waiting to Exhale and was talking about it. If I remember correctly, there something new happening with Waiting to Exhale, but I can’t remember what!


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