Buddy Reads in 2019

Last year in a post, Motivated to get reading, I talked about buddy reads and readalongs; how both have become a routine part of my reading life. This prompted a recent discussion with Diana @ Thoughts on Papyrus about finding someone to read and discuss books with, especially if we don’t have someone who shares our enthusiasm. Which got me thinking- should I take the plunge and try to host buddy reads on the blog alongside or parallel to my usual space on bookstagram?

So with that conversation comes this post, the buddy reads on deck for the next 2 months. Yes, February has 2 books and one of the books will go over into March. But that’s OK, I like variety. I’ve included a link to the book synopsis along with the reading and discussion schedule.

Tip: You might want to try the audiobooks to break up the reading. I find them helpful especially for longer reads and picking up where I left off if I need to go be an adult and grocery shop, take care of chores, etc. You catch my drift, I’m sure.


A Tree Grows In Brooklyn by Betty Smith (#atreegrowsinbrooklyn2019)

🌳Book 1 & 2 – Discussion Feb 9
🌳Book 3- Discussion Feb 16 
🌳Book 4 & 5 – Discussion Feb 23 or Mar 2

Thank you to the publisher, Harper Perennial for the free copy of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn for this readalong!

This is a book I’ve been meaning to read for a while, not sure how I didn’t get to it growing up but no its never too late.

Roots by Alex Haley (#readRoots19)


  • 🌱Through Ch 20 – Discussion Feb 9
  • 🌱Through Ch 40 – Discussion Feb 16
  • 🌱Through Ch 60 –Discussion Feb 23
  • 🌱Through Ch 80 – Discussion Mar 2
  • 🌱Through Ch 100 – Discussion Mar 9
  • 🌱To end – Discussion Mar 16

I know I said I usually do 1 buddy read a month but I’d like to sink my teeth into an epic read especially for February in honor of Black History Month. So the saga of Kunta Kinte will begin and spill over into March.


Mill on the Floss by George Eliot (#MillonTheMarch)


  • Vol 1 – Discussion Mar 9 
  • Vol 2 – Discussion Mar 23
  • Vol 3 – Discussion Mar 30

Because one can never read too much George Eliot right? After finishing Daniel Deronda a few weeks ago, I look forward to this one in March.

So there we have it- February and March buddy reads. Let me know if you are interested in joining me by leaving a comment below. Or if you have any advice on how to host a discussion for the book each week on the blog. I have some ideas but I’m going to give this a try if there’s some interest.

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15 thoughts on “Buddy Reads in 2019

  1. My husband has pestered me to read Roots. I used to teach African American Lit, but have never read Roots. I think my 2019 is pretty full, though, and I don’t review books written by men on Grab the Lapels. I’m looking forward to your posts, though!

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      1. Hi, Shell! I’ve decided that I’m going to join you in your Roots buddy read. Since I don’t review books by men at Grab the Lapels, I will join the conversation in the comments sections of your posts.

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      2. This year is the first time I’ve done a buddy read myself. I’m reading 15 books by Mercedes Lackey with Jackie @ Death By Tsundoku. My husband has wanted me to read Roots for ages, but I kept telling him that because I’ve read so many books about slavery that I didn’t want to invest in such a long book on the subject. I think I’ve mentioned this, but I used to teach African American lit to college students. But, since I’d love to discuss the book with another book blogger, I’m jumping on board.

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      3. I’ve seen our post on the books, that you posted your conversation about the book using google docs.

        Yes you have mentioned being a professor in African American lit so I think your perspective will definitely be good for me. I have to be careful to not get to emotional with books about slavery, as an African American it’s not always easy to digest.

        Thanks for joining me


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