My week in books and tea 1.27.19

What I finished reading this week

  • The Matter is Life by J. California Cooper
  • The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

The Matter is Life is a collection of stories I finished this week and shared a piece of my heart in my full review.

The Bluest Eye has pierced a very deep part of my heart. The perspective of the narrative, from young girls who witnessed one tragedy after another befall one of their peers, young Pecola, is not even close to encompassing what this book is about. I’m still spinning emotionally over this one.

“A little black girl who wanted to rise up out of the pit of her blackness and see the world with blue eyes.”

What I have been drinking

β˜• The Cup: Jasmine Pearls | πŸƒ Tea Type: Green | βœ‰ From: Local Farmers Market

These fragrant jasmine pearls of long needle shaped green tea leaves make a great pairing with one of my recent reads. The tea has some sweet notes but a nice balance is provided by the jasmine. This tea doesn’t taste like a cup of flowers or perfume. I like to think of this tea as elevated beauty in a cup. I also think of it another way now; pearls of wisdom should go with jasmine pearls. Each unique and special in their own way.

β˜• The Cup: English Breakfast Tea | πŸƒ Tea Type: Black | βœ‰ From: Local Farmers Market

Because sometimes you just need a strong cup of tea to start your day,

What I’m Currently Reading

  • Learning to See by Elise Hooper – I’m still enjoying this one although I haven’t been able to read as much as I’d hope.
  • Tony’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani – I’m listening to this an audio while writing this. Chi Chi has dreams to make it as a singer with her sisters but when her father dies unexpectedly, she’s confronted with the reality of what he’s sacrificed to finance her dream. She meets Saverio (Tony) who’s been traveling as a performer and could potentially help her get her break in the industry. I’m only on chapter 5 so I can’t say much about it, it’s just ok. But as I think about it, the last book I read by the author, about 6 years ago was about a wife too, The Shoemaker’s Wife.

What I’m Planning to Read Next

February is right around the corner and I have some buddy reads planned. Would you like to join me for any of them? Check out this recent post, Buddy reads 2019 for details.

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7 thoughts on “My week in books and tea 1.27.19

  1. I remember loving The Bluest Eye but feeling like another Morrison novel, Sula, fell totally short, like she ran out of time to make it a complete novel. I’ve met Adriana Trigiani. She’s an alum of a college right near me, Saint Mary’s, and I taught there for four years. I tried to read one of her novels, but it read like it was written for a young YA audience, so I lost interest.

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    1. Guess what, I read Sula last month, it’s been on my shelf for years and I never managed to get through it until recently (audio). The Bluest Eye was way better to me so I thought about reviewing them together instead!


  2. I am happy to hear The Bluest Eye was a worthy read. Gosh, I am going to look for some jasmine tea. Loved what you said about the pearls of wisdom. I love the fragrance of jasmine. It reminds me of my trip to England where I bought a jasmine tea scented candle. So beautiful! Thanks for that memory, Shell!

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