Steeps On the Go – Traveling with Tea

Can I enjoy my TRIP if I can’t bring my tea AND my books?

My answer:  Uhmm, what’s wrong with you,  that’s not about to happen.

Yes someone might off-handedly suggest tea at the hotel or from Starbucks.   If they did, well that’s not the point.  It’s not necessary because #ISTAYpackin my own tea.

Yes, I have a full fledged tea bar/tea nook in my house. It’s special, cozy and all STEEPS happen there. Everything I need is within arms reach. But how do I recreate/pack ALL those conveniences into a Suitcase or backpack for a trip away from home?

What does one do?

I created my travel tea kit I affectionately call #SteepsOnTheGo.

I asked some of my tea-ples (tea people) for recommendations on a travel kettle. No, the hotel ones are not for me and I’ll leave it at that. Research rabbit hole, hours on Amazon. The result was a few added to my wish list.

Traci from Tea Infusiast shared a portable electric kettle she uses on her Instagram page piquing my curiosiTEA. I have linker her review of another portable kettle here and how she travels with tea.

When Prime Day No. 2 arrived in October I decided on the DREAMOSA Portable Small Electric Kettle, 380ml (12oz) Mini Travel Electric Tea Kettle, in White.

Portable Electric Kettle and Bamboo Tumbler

I choose this one because it has four (4) preset temperatures and a digital temperature display. Because I drink different teas throughout the day, different water temperatures are a necessiTEA. I use a variable temperature kettle at home so why not have the same while traveling?

Field Tested —  Impressions

  1. Size –  fit perfectly into carry-on backpack. 
  2. Setup- fits easily on the mini bar in the hotel, plug easily detaches for travel and use.
  3. Time – boiling water takes about 5 mins.
  4. Safety – it has an auto shut off once the water boils.  Unplug and wait about 45-60 secs before opening the kettle.  The steam and water can be hot.  I found that keeping the amount of water to about 230ml (8oz) made this less of a concern.
  5. Clean up – dump and wipe clean when finished

Everything was easy and straightforward. My only minor pain point is I wish it had a keep warm option before auto shut off. I had to remind myself to stay close by to hear the beep because it’s not that loud.

Steeps — Where’s the tea?

Kudos to my friend Nicole Tea on the Trail for the reminder to keep it simple. I drink tea from tea cups, mugs, small cups. I pour from a pot often. But I had to ask myself, is all of that necessary while away?

As much as I wanted to enjoy the familiar routine with some teaware, it made me a nervous Nelly. I haven’t figured out the optimal way to do so. My choice? I packed my ceramic flask/tumbler; fits in my backpack and no worries about it getting broken. Another plus is the infuser basket that fits snuggly inside.

Which loose leaf teas are going with?

Loose leaf in biodegradable sachets! No infuser basket needed or required!

A video of portable kettle, tumbler and book, The House of Eve

My tea of choice was packaged in biodegradable sachets from Young Mountain Tea. I have long laminated tea bags but these are NO ORDINARY tea bags. Each sachet contains whole loose leaf tea. The shape allows the leaves to unfurl and you can easily steep again.

#SteepsOnTheGoLessons Learned

  1. NecessiTEA
    • Don’t settle when something is important to your well-being. Take what you need to enjoy your tea and have a good time.
  2. SimpliciTEA
    • Environmentally friendly individually wrapped whole leaf tea options makes traveling with tea simple!
  3. BreviTEA
    • Overall, a worthwhile investment so that my tea can easily come along too!

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3 thoughts on “Steeps On the Go – Traveling with Tea

  1. I had never really considered a portable kettle until your post. If I’m doing a road trip, I take my full size kettle with me, but I just might have to consider one of these.


    1. This works very well. It’s easy to use and very travel friendly. Especially in a carry on. I found another one I’m curious about as I was researching to write this post. Lol


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