JORD Suberhide Wallet at Books by the Cup Café

A few years ago, I had the pleasure to work with JORD (pronounced YODE) to try one of their wood watches, the Frankie in Ebony and Gold (on left wrist). I liked the watch so much, I ordered the CASSIA watch shortly thereafter.  I have what some might call a healthy (heavy) appreciation for beautiful and unique timepieces.  I wear a varietea of watches and always get compliments on just about all of them, JORD wood watches included.

I’m excited to announce my partnership with JORD in conjunction with the launch of their new Vegan Leather Wallet Collection. Pictured here is the beautiful Suberhide Wallet in Natural & Gold. Suberhide, created by JORD, is a vegan leather fusion between Portuguese Cork Oak tree bark and woven fabrics.

The Suberhide wallet is similar to leather but just a bit softer and much more durable. The wallet is made from sustainable vegan material that’s hypoallergenic and water resistant. Unlike traditional leather wallets, the Suberhide wallet is resistant to stains, scratches and tearing. Accidents happen with pens, lotions, and all the other items that coexist inside a purse or tote bag. The wallet can be cleaned easily with mild soap and warm water.

This wallet is available in a variety of finishes and colors, but JORD wants to hear from you too! I’m working with JORD to participate in the design of their products and share my opinions about colors, styles and more. I’d like to invite you along! Participants will receive $30 IMMEDIATE SAVINGS on JORD’s site! You can also receive VIP access to new products as they are released and special pricing too.

Please take this short survey here to share your opinion on what type of products you would like to see from JORD. The survey can be completed in just a few minutes. This is an affiliate link so I will earn a small commission towards future purchases with JORD.

Jord Suberhide Vegan Wallet

I don’t think it’s hard to tell my wallet is out of my purse more than I might care to admit.  With all the books and tea here, you know there’s hardly any cash left in this wallet.  You can’t leave home without YOUR WALLET because good habits like these require some funds.  100% necessary when browsing bookstores and tea shops (online with your wallet close by counts too).

I stopped at my favorite tea café, Books by the Cup, to order a cuppa tea and spend some time reading, Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick, a collection of short stories by Zora Neale Hurston. As the owner/operator of said café, I have taken my wallet out many times to supply the tea, teaware, teapots and books that live in this space.

I look forward to working with JORD again and would like to thank you for stopping by. Thanks also to JORD for helping me be prepared in any situation with this beautiful, sustainable wallet in NATURAL & GOLD. Take the survey, get your discount to use for your JORD accessory and join the xeiYou won’t be disappointed.

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