Steeped: Min-tea Fresh

【Min-Tea Fresh】

I know. Some won’t be enamored with a mint tea the way I am. But if you are a fan of peppermint and spearmint, I’m here to let you know, this is a green tea blend I can sip behind (tea puns a regular feature here in case you are new here).

Mint Tea with Stack of Books ​
Min-tea Fresh from Ruby Lion Inc

When I popped the top on this cannister, the mint aroma made me think of Wrigley’s gum! Nostalgia comes in unexpected shapes.

hottea: aka steep 2tsp w/ hot water at 3 mins feels like a back and forth between the spearmint and peppermint but I think they play well together. The spearmint is forward but the peppermint makes a gradual appearance on the finish.

The Summer Steep – Cold Brew of Min-tea Fresh Tea

summersteep: aka #coldbrew 2tsp steeped in cold water in fridge for approximately 8 hours. Strained and sipped with refreshing spearmint on my palate. The peppermint not so present but still #mintea fresh. I’ve been doing some reading about cold brew and read that green tea should be cold brewed for 3 hours? I didn’t have any problems with this tea with a cold brew at 8 hours.

Cold Brewing is an easy fool proof way to enjoy a cold glass of tea. I always use about 3-4tsp for 16oz (or 2 cups of water). As you see in the video, mason jars are perfect for cold brewing. Prepare your cold brew at night before bed, steeping (brewing) in cold water overnight in the fridge. In the morning, you can strain and enjoy since utwill be ready. If you need to sweeten make a simple syrup and stir into your tea.

I’m dreaming of a tea cocktail with this as the tea base. 🤔

Mint Julep maybe?

I decided to have cup hot to compare the experience. Spearmint is the front runner but not as forward as the cold brew. Or maybe the mint has me refreshingly enamored?

Thank you Ruby Lion Inc for the giveaway tea.


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