My week in books and tea 3.31.19

Spring is underway with beautiful blossoming trees and singing birds. All wonderful with the exception of the pollen haze which is terrible for allergy sufferers. Staying in doors with a good book and tea are ways to minimize exposure to the allergens. But when friends come in town, you play games, enjoy lots of laughsContinue reading “My week in books and tea 3.31.19”

Bookstore Adventures – Books by the Pound

Remember this book stack that was practically free? What book lover can resist the opportunity to find good books at good prices? I’m one of them and since I’ve managed to collect quite a few of these Twentieth-Century Penguin Classics, it’s hard to leave them on the shelf, especially at this bookstore. I thought itContinue reading “Bookstore Adventures – Books by the Pound”

Wives and Daughters – Review

“And she (Molly) had found her way into the library, and used to undo the heavy bars of the shutters if the housemaid had forgotten this duty, and mount the ladder, sitting on the steps, for an hour at a time, deep in some book of old English classics. The summer days were very shortContinue reading “Wives and Daughters – Review”

Ethan Frome – Review

“Sickness and trouble that’s what Ethan’s has his plate full up with, ever since the very first helping.” The book introduces us to Ethan Frome, an aged man with a noticeable limp and a very quiet and melancholy disposition. Just like the narrator wonders, who is this man and how did he end up thisContinue reading “Ethan Frome – Review”

The Red Pony – Review

“Course he knows it. Jesus Christ! Man, can’t you see how he’d feel about it?” Steinbeck has quickly become one of my favorite authors. My expectations remain very high after my first encounter with his work a few years ago when I read East of Eden. This short novella, The Red Pony, does not disappointContinue reading “The Red Pony – Review”