Reading Goals – Updates & Plans

Halfway through January and I realize I didn’t share an end of year update on my reading goals for 2018. While I did manage to share some of my favorite reads of the year, trying to read and catch up on reviews put this post on the back burner unfortunately. But I look at thisContinue reading “Reading Goals – Updates & Plans”

Best of 2018 – favorite reads

365 days. 52 weeks. 12 months. All equivalent to one calendar year and if you’re anything like me, you spend as many of those days, weeks, and months reading and drinking tea. I wanted to share my best reads of the year, one book for each month. Although some months I enjoyed more than oneContinue reading “Best of 2018 – favorite reads”

Middlemarch – Review

Oh, please stay, and let me give you some tea. Be warned, you will need several cups, perhaps several pots of tea when you decide to embark on the journey, the experience of reading and appreciating this piece of classic Victorian literature. I finished this book months ago and I’ve struggled to summarize or shouldContinue reading “Middlemarch – Review”

Middlemarch – Brief Review

“Scenes which make vital changes in our neighbours’ lot are but the background of our own, yet, like a particular aspect of the fields and trees, they become associated for is with the epochs of our own history, and make a part of that unity which lies in the selection of our keenest consciousness.” AfterContinue reading “Middlemarch – Brief Review”