Silas Marner – Review

Poor Marner went out with that despair in his soul… This hasn’t happened to me before, maybe I haven’t taken the time to do this but when I finished this book (a Friday) I wanted to write down some of my favorite quotes. As I reviewed the passages and thought about the characters, I somehowContinue reading “Silas Marner – Review”

Middlemarch – Review

Oh, please stay, and let me give you some tea. Be warned, you will need several cups, perhaps several pots of tea when you decide to embark on the journey, the experience of reading and appreciating this piece of classic Victorian literature. I finished this book months ago and I’ve struggled to summarize or shouldContinue reading “Middlemarch – Review”

Tea + Genre Pairing – Victorian

Victorian Literature Welcome to the first installment of genres and tea pairings. I received some wonderful feedback for the By the Cup side of the blog to work on suggestions for ideas on book genres with teas and I couldn’t wait to get started. These are my opinions based on my current tea inventory andContinue reading “Tea + Genre Pairing – Victorian”