Moby Dick – Review

“A good laugh is a mighty good thing, and rather too scarce a good thing; the more’s the pity.  So, if any one man, in his own proper person, afford stuff for a good joke to anybody, let him not be backward, but let him cheerfully allow himself to spend and be spent in thatContinue reading “Moby Dick – Review”

The Age of Innocence – Review

“and so the evening swept on, running and running like a senseless river that did not know how to stop.” Newland Archer, a young man whose grown up amongst the socialist attitudes of New York in 1870, is eager to marry his sweetheart, society’s standard of a suitable young lady, May Welland. Shortly after pressuringContinue reading “The Age of Innocence – Review”

Emma – Review

“But dear Emma was no feeble character; she was more equal to her situation than most girls would have been, and had sense and energy and spirits that might be hoped would ever her well and happily through its little difficulties and privations.” – Emma, Jane Austen My journey with Jane Austen continues! Emma WoodhouseContinue reading “Emma – Review”

The Classics Club

Challenge accepted! What exactly is that challenge? At lunch today I was reading one of my bookstagram buddy’s blog and discovered this classics book club/ challenge and thought count me in! But wait let me see what it’s all about and if I can manage this amongst my other bookish shenanigans. So here’s the 411Continue reading “The Classics Club”

Sense and Sensibility – Review

“Sense will always have attractions for me.” ~ Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen It’s hard not to give way to preconceived expectations based on past experience, at least for me, in my reading. If I’ve read more than one book by an author and find a favorite, I will somewhat biasly hold all other worksContinue reading “Sense and Sensibility – Review”