Choose Your Mark

What books are in this picture?  This post is less about the books and more about what I’ve used to mark favorite quotes or passages. I find it helpful to have things marked for books I will be discussing for buddy reads, readalongs or other book groups. I’d like to take a moment and discussContinue reading “Choose Your Mark”


Book Journaling

Do you ever find that you’ve read a great book but can’t remember enough of the details to articulate a meaningful recommendation? Is that because you are reading so much you can’t keep everything straight? How do you keep track? In the past, I would flag pages or passages I wanted to remember for aContinue reading “Book Journaling”

To annotate or not to annotate?

That’s the question and of course I would like to hear your answer. So you’re reading a book (for the sake of this conversation it’s a book you own) and you come across a quote or passage you love. Do you: a) underline or highlight it and write notes in your book b) write itContinue reading “To annotate or not to annotate?”