Passing – Nella Larsen

"She was caught between allegiances, different, yet the same. Herself. Her race. Race! The thing that bound and suffocated her. Whatever steps she took, or if she took none at all, something would be crushed. A person or the race." ...Nothing, she imagined, was ever more completely sardonic.  Some books you need to be in … Continue reading Passing – Nella Larsen


The Hamilton Affair – Review

"For Alexander, careful dress and formal language were shields against the world's disrespect." - The Hamilton Affair, Elizabeth Cobbs What happened in American history? Did I happen to fall asleep during the lessons about Alexander Hamilton, one of America's founding fathers, one of the men who wrote the Constitution of the United States yada yada … Continue reading The Hamilton Affair – Review

Lady Susan – Review

In short, when a person is always to deceive, it is impossible to be consistent. This short epistolary novel acquaints us with Lady Susan Vernon, a recent widow, who wields her beauty and flirtatious manner in such a way to get whatever and whoever is she wants. Lady Susan is beautiful and manipulative; men seem … Continue reading Lady Susan – Review

Moby Dick – Review

"A good laugh is a mighty good thing, and rather too scarce a good thing; the more's the pity.  So, if any one man, in his own proper person, afford stuff for a good joke to anybody, let him not be backward, but let him cheerfully allow himself to spend and be spent in that … Continue reading Moby Dick – Review

Mary Barton – Review

"And it is hard to live on when one can no longer hope." "My heart is breaking, my heart is breaking." "I sometimes think there's two sides to the commandment; and that we may say, Let others do unto you, as you would do unto them, for pride often prevents our giving others a great … Continue reading Mary Barton – Review

Bookstore Tea Haul

On a trip to Barnes and Noble I browsed the books and admired various editons of some of my recent reads and favorite authors. But just a minute, I'm going to pat myself on the back, I didn't buy any books. That's always a challenge, to leave without books, but in this instance, I'm very … Continue reading Bookstore Tea Haul

Boardwalk Summer

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author, Meredith Jaeger, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Boardwalk Summer is told in alternating POVs from the past and present, and I wondered how the life of Violet Hastings (1940), a beautiful young woman with aspirations … Continue reading Boardwalk Summer