Plum Tea Crazy – Review

Thanks Berkley Publishing for this book of a fun tea shop mystery.

“Kettles steamed, candles flickered, and the Aroma of sweet Moroccan Mint tea and malty Assam tea permeated the Indigo Tea Shop.” —Plum Tea Crazy, Laura Childs

Can’t you just smell the deliciousness that is The Indigo Tea Shop? If not I’ve attempted to help you with this picture, but then again I think everyday I try to create my own tea time experience.

“Theodosia glanced around the tea room.  Everything looked lovely and serene…”

Plum Tea Crazy was a quick, cozy murder mystery I enjoyed while orchestrating a small tea party (me + tea + book= Tea Party of 1). Theodosia has a keen eye, a sense of humor, and is an amateur sleuth of sorts. She figures out more than the detectives, one of which happens to be her boyfriend with a little breaking and entering towards the end.

Set in Charleston, South Carolina, there’s lots of opportunities for Southern hospitality but we have to figure out who killed the banker? Of course the obvious suspects have motive and seem guilty, but Theodosia is on the case and before long the murderer is revealed.

With a dog named Earl Grey,  running her own tea shop (my dream), with wonderful business partners and a mystery to solve, Theodosia is a girl after my own heart.

This was my first time Laura Childs’ Tea Shop Mystery and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

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