Book & Tea Pairing: Turmeric Spiced

Turmeric. Instinctively, yes, it’s good for you. Reflexively, it’s been, no thanks.

If I’ve learned anything, the #necessiTEA of giving teas I initially said no to, another chance, has been beneficial.

Book: Afterlife by Julia Alvarez & Turmeric Spiced Tea from Vahdam Teas

Case in point, turmeric blends. The health benefits of turmeric abound. Considering the respiratory and allergy benefits, it would be in my best interest not to give up so quickly. Stress and anxiety relief, I’ll take that too.

Over the last few weeks, another win for #teamturmeric thanks to Vahdam Teas Turmeric Spiced Blend. Steeped at 3 minutes was the aha moment.

Turmeric masquerading as ginger (turmeric & ginger are in the same plant family) with peppery spice notes with a hint of lemon.

This individually wrapped tea comes in a silken sachet (sighed with relief because I usually cut it open and drop into my infuser/pot).

The Lesson: Different steep times and water temps can surprise you when you try, try again. Leaving your tea unattended when your tea break is shorten because of a conference call also means you (unintentionally) find out this blend works well cold too.

If you would like to add this blend to your tea cabinet, use this affiliate link and use the code BYTHECUP for 15% off your order. I’d earn a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you.

On the TBR Afterlife + #BooksAsTeaCups

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