What it Means When A Man Falls from the Sky: Stories

“Some people find it easy to be good when the going is good but lack the fortitude for hardship.” – What It Means When A Man Falls From the Sky

What it Means When A Man Falls from the Sky, Lesley Nneka Arimah

This collection of 12 stories was quite enjoyable. I had to steep and repeat a few times as I made my way through this collection.

The first story jolts you into attention. The Future Looks Good is a tale of two sisters and mistaken identity. The sisters didn’t get along with each other but are brought together in empathy and concern, when one is a victim of domestic violence. Left wondering and wanting to know more.

War Stories features a rebel riser in a young girl but is layered in lessons over chess between a father and daughter. She’s a fiesty child who gathered a bag of ants to put in her classmates hair. Yes, I laughed but had to listen twice to dissect. Her mother is at odds with her behavior, but in the deft strokes of Arimah’s pen, our understanding of this girl and her family become clear. Those lessons you learn with your parent when playing a game.

Wild reminded me of something I heard growing up, “I can show you better than I can tell ya.” A reality check when a young girl is sent to stay with her aunt and cousin.

In Light, a father and daughter relationship, the beauty of the daughter’s childhood but sad when that relationship starts to fracture as she grows up. “He should chastise the girl, he knows that, but she is his brightest ember and he would not have her dimmed.” With her mother absent from the everyday —abroad pursuing education— the shift in the family dynamics is executed with clarity and yes, light.

Windfalls will leave you shaking your head in disbelief because not only is all of this happening, you realize this was and could very well be, someone’s life at this present moment. Keywords/ phrases: gold digger, hustle. But oh what it cost and how I wonder what happened to this young daughter who knew what her mother was doing was not love.

I could go on, but in short, this collection was one I enjoyed very much. Who Will Greet You At Home reminded me of Sula by Toni Morrison.

🎧 The audiobook narrated by Adjoa Andoh was outstanding.

What it Means When A Man Falls from the Sky book beside a cup of tea
What it Means When A Man Falls from the Sky

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