Steeped in Books and Tea 10.27.2020


I’m giving myself a break because the reality is the whole world is dealing with a pandemic. I will not stress myself out about keeping up with my blog. I will do better and eventually get back on track. I’m getting things a bit more organized and will be scheduling some review posts soon so keep an eye out for those.

Just wanted to say a proper hello and life has been busy. My reading is not as consistent as it has been in the past for said reasons, but I have been drinking drinking tea with regularitea. I am opening myself up to the idea of being brevity on the blog along with more content that’s easier to create (tea) because I consume it so much.


Crème au Caramel Rooibos from Natur’el Tea

There is a story I’d like to share about this tea but I’ll save it for later. This rooibos blend is full of caramel goodness 5 minutes later and beyond.

The Steep

  • I used 1 tablespoon of tea, steeped in 1 cup of water as listed below with the following results
    • 1st steep: steeped at 212°F for 5 mins – call home and share some of this caramel with someone you love
    • 2nd steep: steeped at 212°F for 10 mins – the caramel notes aren’t as strong but present and plentiful even after steeping for 10 minutes.
    • Both steeps topped with frothed almond milk mixed with hazelnut creamer.

important note: herbal blends are typically more forgiving with longer steeps. Since they are not made from the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) you can steep it a little longer.

If you’d like to try this or another tea from Natur’el Tea, use coupon code BYTHECUP for 20% off your tea order.

Caramel Rooibos from Natur’el Tea


Recent Reads

“Do you both want to come to my house for tea?” asks Rose.

Eudora regards her for a moment. She doesn’t want to but is starting to realize that it’s difficult to refuse Rose.

“I would love to, but I think I should leave these menaces at home,” says Stanley, gesturing toward the dogs. “I’m sure you agree, Miss Honeysett?”

—The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett, Annie Lyons

THIS. BOOK. ALL. THE. FEELS. I tend to enjoy a book with an older protagonist and Eudora didn’t disappoint. I’ll share more thoughts on this one in a separate post. Thank you publisher (William Morrow) for gifted copy for review.

The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett with a cup of tea
The Brilliant Life of Eudora Honeysett

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