Steeped in Shenanigans – 4.17.2020

Am I overdue for a conversation, catch up post? Yes, of course. There are some drafts of blog posts I started and didn’t finish so I’m going to take a little bit from some of them to share some of the shenanigans I’ve been steeped in for the first few months of 2020!

I’m bringing back one of my favorite weekly post features which I found was a nice way to stay connected without overwhelming myself with unreasonable demands on what to post. I’m trying to determine my least busiest day when my mind is fresh and I can write up the post. It looks like quarantine is teaching me some things about being productive and less stressed.

It’s feels uncanny in some ways that the year had just started and we’ve spent about a month of it in quarantine mode. But this post I hope will be fun so here goes. I’ll recap the past 4.5 months in brief sentences, books and tea style. Here goes!

January 2020

Announced my Steeped in Short Stories challenge, inviting you to join me by reading and posting short stories you’re reading. Use the hashtag #SteepedInShortStories and if your on Instagram, use it there too!

A trip to the Symphony with friends is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening.

At the Symphony

February 2020

Used everyday of the month to share a black author for each day of the month from A to Z. The most organized I’ve been about posting all year. It turned into another reading challenge I started called Steeped in Black Lit from A to Z. I had already complied and shared a list so why not read them or use the format to keep my reading full of black authors this year. Would you like a post on what I shared in February?

I also hosted an afternoon tea party the same day we got snow. Thankfully we don’t get much snow and the party had to go on.

Afternoon Tea Party
Afternoon Tea Party

March 2020

I received some lovely tea things from friends to add to my tea nook which we enjoyed with an Afternoon Tea Break prior to the quarantine.

Pretty Tea Table
Afternoon Tea Break

April 2020 to date

Staying busy with reading but scheduling lots of Afternoon Tea Breaks with friends via video conferencing. It’s turned into a weekly to do and one of them turned into a bi-weekly book club. I’m very excited about that.

I can’t believe I’ve been absent with conversation so long. I miss chatting with everyone here and look forward to a better schedule of posting and chatting. What have you been up to? Any books I have to add to my list right now? I’ve been reading some of you book reviews so I’m trying to keep up. But tell me what I’ve missed and let me know if there’s anything I mentioned here, you’d like to hear more about.

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2 thoughts on “Steeped in Shenanigans – 4.17.2020

  1. Lovely pictures! A concert sounds heavenly right about now. That’s one thing I will be so grateful for whenever we have a vaccine or greatly diminished sickness : getting to enjoy live concerts again. I was supposed to see Leslie Odom Jr. April 3 and I was very sad to miss that. I am hopeful that I’ll get to see him again sometime in the next year. I know musicians must be sad to not be able to perform in live venues. Stay safe and well.

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    1. Even though I’d meant to share many of these things in real time, I’m sort of glad I didn’t post them because looking back made me smile but also made me look forward with a smile too! I’m sorry your concert got canceled too. There was a picture I snapped when I was at the Symphony of something that was coming in May but not sure if it will be canceled too. You stay safe and well too.

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