Books and Tea – October

Missed sharing this over the weekend because I had too much fun hosting a game night that sort of turned into a tea drinking game night. I planned to share it earlier this week, but here we are at Friday. So here we are, a recap of what I’ve read in October.

Where the Crawdads Sing was one I was hesitant to read but I couldn’t help but feel empathy for Kya’s plight. When she learns to read, her first novel was Rebecca so that earned her more points in my corner. Overall, the book lived up to the hype and I enjoyed it. See full review here.

The Gilded Years is a historical fiction book based on the real woman Anita Hemmings. Anita is in her senior year at Vassar College in 1897 as the first African-American women, but the school didn’t admit black students.  Anita is PASSING as a white woman.  I finished full review soon.

A Pocket Full of Rye with the tea cup on the front!  I decided to find out how Rex Fortescue dies from a poisoned cup of tea! A quick whodunit, with a note to self- Always prepare your own tea.

Anne of the Island: Anne is in college and I now have my own copy of this book while I work on getting the next one in the series.

Vera gave me some Rebecca like vibes but I still find the characters in both somewhat disturbing. I did come up with an alternate ending where Aunt Dot has the final say. A friend offered one that was much better and made me laugh hysterically.

Queen Sugar:  Book or TV adaptation? Yep, TV adaptation for the win this time. I had every intention to read the book before I started watching the show but one evening, my husband was watching the show and filled me in. I’ve watched the last 2 seasons feeling like I knew a lot about the characters. The book wasn’t terrible but I like the TV series best.

How to Walk Away: “There is a temptation when someone you love is struggling, to want to help too much.  Keep in mind that the struggle makes her stronger.” – motivated to read this after meeting the author at the Decatur Book Festival a few months ago.

Look Both Ways is a short book of ten tales of middle grade kids that made me laugh and remember being a kid can be fun, but it can be hard too.

In Other Words: Read over tea, surprisingly not MASALA CHAI (Urdu), but felt HYGGE (Danish) all the same.

Diamond Doris: “But I uncovered the keys to getting away with stealing jewels: confusion and familiarity.” Doris Payne is an unforgettable woman. I had the opportunity to hear her speak about her life and book at the Decatur Book Festival. Full review here

Wade in the Water:  Picked up this POETRY collection when I read an interview with Colson Whitehead who highly recommended it.  He wasn’t wrong. It’s beautifully written and helps with my poetry reading goal. But I do think, I will go back through theses to slow down and absorb each one.

A Little Tea Book: “Certainly the sensory uplift from a good cup of tea –  – and the soothing qualities of any hot beverage – – has always been a boon to well-being.”

Sweet Bean Paste was one I took my time with and would read some evenings on my Kindle before bed. Sometimes life surprises you even when it feels routine and laborious.  Sentaro lives a mediocre life, working in a confectionery shop but life surprises him. A wonderful book and one I think I need to review.

Ask Again, Yes: ” We repeat what we don’t repair.” 2 families forever connected through tragedy, with physical and emotional repercussions. Picked this up on audio because the library hold was infinitely long on both audio and hard copy so you take what comes first.

Steep of the week

The Cup: Peach Momotaro |🍃Tea Type: White |📩 From: Teavana

This blooming white tea entertained and pleased the palate with a subtle Peach taste but was elevated to another level of delicious with fresh strawberries (in the cup) paired with a slice of wine cake. Cake was finished before I could manage to take a picture.

Have you read any of these books? Although I won’t be reviewing all of these in detail, let me know if there is one you’d like to know more about. I’d consider writing a review. I’m learning to manage my blogging time better so all books won’t get equal visibility. And sometimes, the weekly wrap up might not be on Sunday. 😉


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