My week in books and tea 10.20.19

Some weeks in reading can feel like a feast and other weeks feel more like an appetizer. This was an appetizer week since I’m reading a little bit of everything and enjoying myself.

What I finished reading

Ask Again, Yes introduces us to the Glessons and the Stanhopes, with the husband’s, Francis and Brian, rookie police officers in NY. They become neighbors and this book starts to feel like the setup for an enduring friendship of the two cops, their wives and kids, but it’s not that at all. I want to say more but this was turning into a lot of paragraphs so I’ll just say, a good read on audio. The wait list for this book was bananas!

Vera by Elizabeth von Arnim is for the casual readalong (#VonArnimsVera) I’m hosting over on Instagram. This book is considered the predecessor to Daphne duMaurier’s Rebecca and I did get some Rebecca like vibes but I kept asking myself, which man was crazier, Vera’s Everard or Rebecca’s Maxim? Which second wife was more naive, Lucy or the second Mrs. DeWinter? Which ending did I like best? Which one left me more disturbed? If you’ve read either or both books, please let’s chat.

What I’m reading

…some of all the books pictured here, but honestly, I’ve read more of The Gilded Years than the rest. I hoped Anita would have a future with the handsome Porter Hamilton but her brother Frederick reminded her, she’s only pretending to be a white woman to obtain the education at the elite women’s college, Vassar, and needs to stay focused. She can’t afford to let her guard down and compromise the identity she’s created for the sake of her education. She must remember that when she graduates, she will be returning to her real life, as a black woman.

I picked up One Drop: My Father’s Hidden Life–A Story of Race and Family Secrets because it’s been on my shelf for so many years and it’s about racial passing, like The Gilded Years, but it’s nonfiction. Even though I’ve read just a few chapters, I’m enjoying the book and am excited about getting some nonfiction in this month.

I started Diamond Doris: The True Story of the World’s Most Notorious Jewel Thief because after attending the Decatur Book Festival a few months ago, I HAVE to know more about this unforgettable woman, who left the audience in awe.

All Blood Runs Red: The Legendary Life of Eugene Bullard-Boxer, Pilot, Soldier, Spy (thank you Hanover Press for the free review copy, this book is available November 5, 2019 in the US) relates how Bullard at a young age, fled the racial discrimination and segregation of Georgia for Europe where he could pursue opportunities unavailable to him in the country of his birth. So far a very insightful read about a man I never heard of before.

Steep of the week

The Cup: Toffee Break |🍃Tea Type : Rooibos (herbal) | From: Field to Cup

Some days, especially rainy ones, require several tea latte as you make your way through the currently reading stack. Other days, like today, you sip the 3rd steep of this toffee goodness while writing a blog post. Why? Because you had friends over for a game night and offered to make tea. Those friends drank 2 large pots choosing the option to latte and we had a tea-rrific time. Talk about fun and toffee goodness. Now I have been tasked with the responsibility to find a similar tea since the company I purchased this tea from has closed and my friends are asking for more.


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2 thoughts on “My week in books and tea 10.20.19

  1. It sounds like you’ve been focusing on books about passing for a little while. It’s an interesting subject, almost like falling down the digital hole on Wikipedia. Why people do it, how, for how long, who they tell or don’t tell, etc.

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