My week in books and tea 7.14.19

Enjoying several fun outings throughout the week proved to be just what I needed. I feel like it got me out of a bit of a rut but also reminded me to look for something in each day to be grateful for. Like those moments in the car when I’m riding home and have the music on 10 because THIS IS MY SONG and inside this car my vocals are superset quality, I sound just as good as said artist. Come on, you know you do that too. LOL. Here’s how this week steeps out…

What I finished reading

“She had always thought of love as something confused and furtive, and he made it as bright and open as the summer air.”- Summer, Edith Wharton

In Wharton’s Summer, Charity Royall has grown up under the guardianship of Mr. Royall, a lawyer in the town of North Dormer. When she was a young child, Mr. Royall brought her down from the mountain, away from a life of poverty and hardship at her father’s request. Charity knows little about her background but is not ashamed of where she comes from. She’s grown restless with the uneventful sameness of her life until a young man named Lucius Harney shows up in the dusty library she works in but cares little about (I did hold this against her momentarily). This summer read for the seasonal book club, Seasons by the Book, I co-host, was quite a surprise. I had a brief flashback to The Age of Innocence as Wharton draws attention to social class and the role of women. Our discussion will be at the end of this month and I’m definitely looking forward go hearing from others. I’m strongly considering reading the other novella in my editon, Bunner Sisters.

What I’m reading

“Books have their idiosyncrasies as well as people, and will not show me their full beauties unless the place and time in which they are read suits them.”- The Solitary Summer, Elizabeth von Armin

The more von Arnim I read, the more convinced she’s the kind of person I’d invite over to tell me how she’s managed an Enchanted April and now a Solitary Summer.  I’m going to try my best to learn from her as I retreat into the quiet, calm, coziness of my tea nook. I’m savoring this book as part of a readalong I’m participating in for a discussion at the end of the month.

The Idiot by Elif Batuman is a book I’ve been meaning to read. About 2 years ago, Batuman talked about her book at a book festival, and she was so nice and funny. She even answered my random question about War and Peace, which I was currently reading at that time. She’s a fan of Russian Literature, which I can tell from reading this book. I also realize I’ve told you nothing about the book. It’s set in 1995, with a young woman named Selin attending college where email is the new thing. Selin’s character and experience depict the weird transition from teenage to almost adulthood, while underscoring that you think you know a lot during your college years but really you don’t. You’re attempting to navigate the space in time where you ‘learn’ not everything in college is especially useful, but you spend a lot of time trying to understand yourself.

East of Eden is a reread for a readalong I’m co-hosting but thankfully this isn’t my week to host the discussion. I have some reading to catch up on for Part 2!

Steep of the week

☕️The Cup: English Rose |🍃Tea Type : Black | ✉️ From: Whittard

Afternoon tea can be exactly what you need to elevate your day, especially in my tea nook. I purchased this tea at a local HomeGoods because the tin was beautiful, the fragrance inticing, while unopened, felt like the right tea-hing (thing) to do. This tea feels luxuriant but has a perfect balance of sweet and floral notes. I picked up one more tea, the other I’ll plan to share next week.

☕️The Cup: Toffee Break |🍃Tea Type : Rooibos (herbal) | ✉️ From: My Tea Stash

You’ll find out why I picked this tea up in the next section and how it turned into this deliciousness. So what tea do you have after afternoon tea? I decided this might be refreshingly delicious as an iced tea latte. This could be classified as a dessert tea because of its toffee goodness, but with a bit of coconut creamer this turned into decadence in a cup. Taste tested and approved for future steeps by my hubby, this is a go to for summer.

Non-Weekend Shenanigans

Food trucks in the park! Yes, food truck Friday is a thing but the one I went to this week was on a Tuesday evening. I decided to try some Lebanese barbecue from Babakabab.

I had the Baba Box, where you pick your base, rice or salad, your meat (chicken, beef or falafel) topped with grilled veggies, lebanese garnish and garlic sauce. Oh my word, it was so flavorful and delicious.

Lunch at a favorite spot, La Madeline with a good friend was overdue. We followed lunch up with tea time at my house in my tea nook. My friend loves tea and I send her tea mail about once a month. The art of snail mail isn’t lost on us, especially when it includes tea. Although she was sipping iced tea from lunch, I offered to make her tea, but said she probably didn’t want any since she had some left from lunch. What did she say? That she CAN’T come to my house without me making her some tea of her choosing. We laughed as I got busy accommodating her tea mood. She requested a tea latte, a favorite for both of us! She had a cup of Rooibos Pistachio that had some coconut notes in there. She followed that cup (along with the resteep) with the question, “Do you have a tea with toffee?” Of course I did. So we had a pot of a Rooibos called Toffee Break. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, tea with a friend.


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5 thoughts on “My week in books and tea 7.14.19

  1. I absolutely hate that you wrote about yummy food. I’m so hungry right now. Uuuuhggggh. I’ve been doing tea sinning, Shell. I’ve been drinking Crystal Light’s peach/mango green tea, which I’m sure is NOT tea on any level, but I love it so hard. I keep drinking it at work in plastic bottles I’m reusing. I must say, sitting on the desk at work, it looks like I have a worrisome urine sample.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes! The food was very yummy.

      Oh Melanie, I understand when you like something, even if it looks suspicious, you just do. You definitely need a proper cup of a green tea to tell the difference 😉


  2. I’m excited that you’ve read Summer and look forward to the discussion. That book surprised me in many ways and left me feeling disturbed.

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