My week in books and tea 6.16.19

First, things first. I was hardly EVER remember enjoying a reprieve in the weather in June. Mild temperatures, no humidity and gentle breezes, if only this weather could stick around all summer long.

With that said, how are we halfway through June and a few of my TBR books are in a book stack somewhere in another stack of books? I’m sampling several books these days, almost as often as I try new teas, but when you have a cozy space that feels just right, why not read and drink (tea) as much as you can? Many of the books I told you about last week so on to the next thing.

Did you see the first installment of my Summer Tea Series? I’ve linked it here ICYMI.

What I finished reading

Wunderland I mentioned last week and realized I forgot to mention something. The book begins with Ava in 1989 receiving notification of her mother’s death, along with some letters to a woman named Renate Bauer. Ava and her mother have been estranged for the last 12 years. Wunderland is an interesting look into friendship and how loyalties are tested, even fractured between Isle and Renate, and Ava and Isle.

I finished The Count of Monte Cristo! I enjoyed the book overall although I’m happy to be done with people turning pale and falling into their chairs.

What I’m reading

I started The Wayward Bus for my buddy read. Steinbeck has a way of writing about ordinary people; nothing extraordinary has happened but the inner musings of people like Norma, Alice and Juan, have me wondering how life’s going to treat them moving forward.

What I have been drinking

β˜•οΈ The Cup: Oolong Nirvana | πŸƒ Tea Type: Oolong | βœ‰ From: Te Bella Tea

This tea sample from a friend was a nice way to start the day. This oolong was a surprise on both steeps. The first steep yielded flavors that seem muted but not unpleasant; a delicate floral note with a hint of vanilla perhaps? On the second steep, I detect the soothing flavor of lemongrass. In this accidental steep off, the second steep was my favorite. A nice one to sip as I finished the last few pages of Monte Cristo.

β˜•οΈ The Cup: Pear | πŸƒ Tea Type: Green | βœ‰ From: SensibiliTEAs

Something about the summer makes me crave fruiTEA teas and this cold brew was perfect. With a hint of a pear flavor this one proved to be a refreshing tea-light on these mild days as a gentle breeze passed through my opened window.

Weekend Shenanigans

Tea Adventures: I went to a new to me tea place this weekend with a friend. Although we are both glad we tried something different, the experience was underwhelming. The fact that we didn’t have loose leaf tea options should have been a red flag, but the tea we selected, passion fruit papaya, wasn’t too bad. Thankfully I looked in the tea pot before pouring and saw two tea bags floating in there. Needless to say, I won’t go back. ZenTea, my favorite spot, was the first H choice but they didn’t have any openings for the tasting we wanted to try. The lesson- don’t settle for mediocre tea but be open to trying new things. Next lesson, plan another outing to make up for this one.

Bookstore Adventures: A trip to Half Priced Books was in order be sue I was look for a copy of The House Behind the Cedars by Charles W. Chestnut. They didn’t have it but I found this lovely editon of The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton instead. It’s one I plan to read again not to mention its happy to have a home with the few Everyman’s Library editons I’ve collected to date.

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6 thoughts on “My week in books and tea 6.16.19

  1. “…people turning pale and falling into their chairs.” HA! I can identify. I never wrote a review of The Count because I took a hiatus and also just struggling with writing reviews lately, but I enjoyed it too, despite all the characters and drama.

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    1. The first few times I read that, I said OK. But over time I said Dumas can someone not do this please?!? πŸ˜‚ I agree, overall an enjoyable book. I’m going to try and figure out how I can make this review fun for me.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. When I read “although I’m happy to be done with people turning pale and falling into their chairs” all I could think of was that Egypt’s first democratically elected president passed out and died today! I’m laughing and trying not to laugh at this connection.

    Shell, that pear green tea totally sounds like my jam and now I’m all jealous.


  3. I feel like “The House Behind the Cedars” is such a hard find – I literally know about it because it was part of my required reading in high school!

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