My week in books and tea 4.28.19

I’ve spent most of the day trying to figure out if I should include my April wrap up info in this post since the month ends in just two days. But I think I will get some books finished so I’ll hold off for now. I can wrap up my tea challenge because I’ve included the ones I’ll finish over the next day or so. I will also share what’s on deck for May in case you might want to join me for some of the reads. Weekend Shenanigans includes a lot of books!

What I finished reading

Betty Ford was a firecracker. I had no idea she was a designer and trained dancer, married and divorced before she ever met Gerald Ford. The stigma attached to divorce in Betty’s day didn’t stop her from paving her own way to happiness. See my full review here.

The Garden Party and Other Stories by Katherine Mansfield was a collection of short stories I savored this month. And guess what? I think I need a collection of short stories every month moving forward. I’m working on summarizing my thoughts for a full review on this one.

“Promise me! Say never! Say never… say never… say never—”

What I’m (still) reading

I’m focusing on these two books. The Blacker the Berry since I’m just about halfway, but I will read a few chapters in A Mountain of Crumbs as soon as I finish this post. I don’t want to carry Crumbs over into another reading month since May will be the beginning of a longer book. I need to clear my reading desk up before May 1st!

What I have been drinking

The Tea Challenge: Either way this goes, I think I did very well this month. If I take a collective look, combining what I finished with what I’m giving away, 28 teas down. But how many did I finish drinking–17!! This tea drinker will keep steeping it real, one tea at a time. Here’s the updated mind map.

☕ The Cup: Melted Chocolate + Chocolate Cake | 🍃 Tea Type: Black | ✉ From: Field to Cup

Mix these two teas together = Double Chocolate Coconut Cake

Add coconut icing aka coconut milk/creamer = Double Chocolate Coconut Cake with Coconut Icing

Both black teas stand on their own, but I love them together.  The coconut comes through without the “icing” but is tea-rrificly delicious as a tea latte. Looks like this is a keeper to be sampled at my next tea party.

Please note- The link to Field to Cup is an affiliate link. I will earn a small commission from your order at no additional cost to you.

Weekend Shenanigans

When the week is busy, long, and tiresome, shenanigans start early on date night at Bahama Breeze. This colorful Frozen Bahamarita was refreshing and relaxing. I especially liked that the shot of cactus juice schanpps was on the side. I added just a little bit and it was just right.

Save room for dessert! Always! Well most of the time anyway. This Coconut Grande was so yummy. A coconut cake with ice cream, fresh pineapple and shaved coconut. When a dessert comes out in a fresh, real coconut, you’re definitely in for a treat.

And last, but not least, I got a bit CrafTEA. I’m making some tea gifts for friends, especially since I have some I want to giveaway. Which of course gives me another idea for parting gifts at tea parties.

In bookish news, my recent Book Outlet order arrived. All the books are potential titles I’d like to consider for Our African-American Reads. ICYMI details here.

Saturday was independent bookstore day. I had plans to go browse and pick up a book or two. But instead, I had my routine adult chores and errands. On the way to the store, I happened to pass a library and stumbled into a library sale. I missed the morning inventory but by the afternoon, the sale was for all the books you could fit in a bag for $3. Here’s what I picked up.

The vintage books are my favorite finds! I may or may not read Faulkner, but I believe they will look nice with my other vintage books.

May Reads

  • The Count of Monte Cristo readalong for #monteinmay19
  • Lilac Girls for #seasonsbythebook Book Club. Details for both here.
  • Our African-American Reads for #ourafricanamericanreads – details here

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13 thoughts on “My week in books and tea 4.28.19

    1. I think it’s taken me a while to figure out how to read short stories, which means I have to take my time with them and give each story a bit of space.

      The dessert was wonderful. Of course it had me thinking if I could possibly take a tea that has coconut flavor and infuse it into something tasty…😉

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  1. I may have said this when you mentioned The Count of Monte Cristo before, but it’s on my TBR and I’m hoping to read it later this year. Unfortunately I’ve committed to Middlemarch in May, so can’t join in your readalong, but I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of it – enjoy! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand where you’re coming from. I think I would try to read some of them too fast or with the perspective of a full book and they aren’t structured in the same way. In the past I’d read a few back to back and if the stories are related, I suppose that can work.

      I haven’t read Munro yet so maybe I’ll look up some of her work, which one did you enjoy?

      I shared a review on a collection from an author I enjoy. Here’s the link if you’re interested :


  2. How did you go about the short stories? One a day or a couple. . . I’ve got this collection on my Challenge list and I’ve started, read a few and then just left it so I forget. . . any tips?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would read a story and spend a day thinking it over. I’ll admit, I thought to myself, why am I taking so long, but I tried to think about what about life is Mansfield sharing in this story, what’s relevant or relatable? I made myself slow down and I enjoyed it more because of that. So maybe a story every other day. I would usually read them in the midday or in the evening over tea.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, reading in mid day is a good idea and then giving time to absorb one before rushing on with the next – it’s completely different to reading a novel isn’t it?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. So much different! But I did find that giving myself a chance to digest the stories made a big difference. Even after finishing, I still think about the little girl from the first story, At the Bay and her grandmother. ♥️

        Liked by 1 person

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