My Week in Books and Tea 2.23.19

This week’s installment of books and tea will be a bit different, especially since, wait for it..I didn’t finish any books. So I’ll share some of the things I particularly enjoyed this week outside of reading.

What I’ve done this week

I didn’t finish any books this week! I’m a little surprised myself but it’s been hard to shift my attention away from my current read, Roots by Alex Haley.

I attended the Symphony Orchestra with some friends and it was excellent. The orchestra performed Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony. After intermission, the Symphony Orchestra Chorus joined for the musicians to perform music by a composer Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi, Four Sacred Pieces

The performance had so many textures and dimensions, very soft at times and at others very commanding. After attending the event, I couldn’t help but think of a review book I should revisit a book I received last year called Year of Wonder: Classical Music for Every Day by Clemency Burton – Hill. I actually enjoyed it for about a week, I’d read the corresponding day of classical music and look up a piece by the composer the author discussed. I think I’m going to get back to this book, it will be like having a bit of my symphony experience everyday.

Have you read this book? (Thank you to publisher Harper Books / Harper Collins for the free review copy).

Sushi Sunday – I went out to catch up with a friend over sushi. I had this delicious Salmon Tempura Roll which I hadn’t tried before. Since I’m a novice when it comes to sushi, I was proud of myself for getting something other than a shrimp tempura roll. I love adding the fresh ginger for each bite of the sushi. I think Sushi Sundays should become a regular part of the month.

What I have been drinking

☕ The Cup: Matcha | 🍃 Tea Type: Green Tea | ✉ From: A friend

Matcha is a concentrated powder form of green tea. I’ve never had any straight Matcha at home until a friend gifted this to me. On its own, it has a sweet, herbaceous flavor, and takes a little getting used to. I enjoy the intensity of the green tea in Matcha but I think it just takes a little getting used to. I’ve been enjoying Matcha lattes all week and let’s just say, this tea is Matcha-ppreciated (Much appreciated, get the tea pun)?

☕ The Cup: Fruit Tea | 🍃 Tea Type: Herbal | ✉ From: Field to Cup

This tangy hibiscus tea brews to a beautiful hue with a tart citrus flavor. I was reminded of the orange drink from my childhood, Tang, but thankfully the tea wasn’t as sweet as that. Good as a hot tea but best as an iced (chilled) tea in my opinion.

What I’m Currently Reading

Roots by Alex Haley – Week 3 covered Ch 41-60, with a change in Kunta’s identity from free man, a young man determined to escape slavery and return to his former home and life, to a different man. A man changed and shaped from over 20 years of living in the institution of slavery on a Virginia plantation. Kunta struggles with his identity, with forming relationships and understanding how black people live as slaves, why his experience and theirs are different.

Roots + Matcha

Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty – this audiobook hold came in and since there’s a wait list, I picked it up toward the end of the week. I’ve needed a change of scenery in my reading and although the couples in this book seem normal,I’m still trying to figure out what happened the day of the picnic. All of the adults have some character flaws, as all of us do, but I’m hoping nothing stupid and ridiculous happens as a shock factor.

Truly Madly Guilty + Fruit Tea

Have you read any of these books, what good books have you read this week? What fun activities did you enjoy?

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13 thoughts on “My Week in Books and Tea 2.23.19

    1. I think I will make it a goal to read one each day for March and listen to the music! I enjoyed it a lot when I first got the book. The Symphony reminded me of it so I must get back to it! (And plan another symphony outing)

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  1. I bought myself Year of Wonder at the end of 2017 and started, full of enthusiasm on Jan 1st. I managed every day in January and I loved it – music that was new to me and so many fascinating stories around the various pieces. Maybe I’ll get back to it and choose a different month this year.

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    1. It’s been a while since a book has taken me in like this. Matcha lattes are good in the morning so I’ll try to share more about it. It’s been a while since I went out for sushi so it was really good and a nice change!

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  2. Your life sounds so grown-up fancy, and I love that you have friends who do things like go to the symphony and eat sushi. My friends always want to do brewery crawls….and I don’t drink. Time for new friends! I have played in many orchestras (violin) but haven’t seen a live performance in probably a year, and that was a senior recital at the University of Notre Dame. Good gravy, do those students have mad skills. Do you bake at all? I know on The Great British Baking Show someone is always putting matcha into a baked good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can be a home body wanting to stay home and read and drink lots of tea but I’m glad I opted for a grown-up weekend! 😉 Doing something fun and fancy! I wanted to learn to play an instrument when I was younger but it didn’t happen. Live music is such a wonderful experience. Oh yes I enjoy having especially if I have friends over for a tea party. I have a few recipes in some of my tea books I need to try! I’m always looking for baked goods to at to my tea party menu!

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