My week in books and tea 1.20.19

So here we are at the end of the week of reading (and drinking) along with some meaningful conversation with fellow bloggers. I have FINALLY figured out I can be a bit more spontaneous about posting and I can work on getting back to some of the things I had planned for this blog when I started it almost a year ago.

One of the things I enjoyed and want to get back to is by the cup side of the blog. I drink a lot of tea so I plan to get back to sharing a bit about what I’m drinking. I had a lot of fun with tea and book pairings so I’m going to try to alternate between ‘by the cup’ post and book reviews. And perhaps something like what I’m doing in this post. Thanks to @GrabTheLapels and @Traveling Daily for the encouragement on this one!

So here’s an attempt at something new! A little bit about some of the books I’ve finished this week, what I’m currently reading and drinking, and plans for what I want to read next.

What I finished reading this week:

  • Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman
  • Daniel Deronda by George Eliot
  • Bossypants by Tina Fey
  • The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck

  • Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt is a book I have read 3 times. After reading it again I had to think about why. CeeCee’s only twelve years old and life hasn’t been a walk in the park for her. I feel empathy for her what she experiences and can appreciate how important an Aunt Tootie can be, along with other women with colorful personalities. Full of heartwarming moments, CeeCee makes me smile and I enjoy the story more every time.

    Southern hospitality not only came from the heart, but was a practiced social art that had been past down from one generation to the next, like fine silverware or china. Southerns had a way of doing things that made you feel special.”

    Daniel Deronda by George EliotAfter spending almost 8 weeks on this buddy read for Daniel in December, we couldn’t help but wonder why the book wasn’t called Gwendolen Harleth. But in Eliot’s masterful way, she’s threaded together the lives of multiple characters in circumstances different but worthy of comparison and contrast. I’m still chewing this one over and a review will be forthcoming.

    “It had been Gwendolen’s habit to think of the persons around her as stale books, too familiar to be interesting. Deronda had lit up her attention with a sense of novelty: not by words only, but by imagined facts, his influence had entered into the current of that self-suspicion and self-blame which awakens a new consciousness.”

    Bossypants was a book I picked up with the intention of laughing so hard I would cry in an effort to take my mind off of the unusual week at work. Mission not accomplished. I didn’t care for this one much, maybe because I’m not familiar with all of Fey’s work (Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock) perhaps the humor was lost on me.

    The Winter of Our Discontent – Making my way through Steinbeck books on my shelf, I had no idea what this book was about. I picked it up at a secondhand store after falling in love with East of Eden. Steinbeck tells the story of a man named Ethan Hawley, who works as a clerk in the local grocery store,much to the disdain and disappointment of his wife and children. As the story unfolds we witness the changes in Ethan as he makes decisions that will affect him and those around him.

    What I have been drinking:

    β˜• The Cup: Malawi Grand Cru | πŸƒ Tea Type: Black | βœ‰ From: Thank you Field to Cup for the free teas for review.

    This handmade tea from Malawi with the strength of a full bodied black tea but a sweetness from some berry notes at the end of the sip that delights.  This tea was completely opposite in nature from the book I was reading.

    β˜• The Cup: Pistachio Marzipan | πŸƒ Tea Type: Black | βœ‰ From: Field to Cup

    Tea is a sensory experience full of variety and suitable for every occasion.  Tea can warm you, cheer you, calm and excite you. When I opened the package, the nutty aroma captivated me. Looking at the leaves you see the hints of rose petals, pistachios yes and something else?  All the nutty goodness has made me NUTS.  I’ve gone completely #nuttea (tea pun intended). The nutty flavors work well together, I get pistachio and an almond flavor from the marzipan.  I keep drinking this one to see what else I can pick up on my palate. I especially love teas with nutty flavors.

    A great nut tea with a nut milk or creamer makes for an excellent tea latte- pictured here is the tea with some steamed and frothed hazelnut creamer .

    Liquid goodness in a cup!

    What I’m Currently Reading

    Learning to See has been an easy read, very interesting to learn about the life of Dorothea Lange, famous female photographer. I love a good historical fiction book and I’m about halfway through this one.

    The Matter is Life is a collection of short stories by a favorite author, J. California Cooper. A dear friend introduced me to Cooper years ago and I love the lessons Cooper easily imparts in her stories. In ‘How, Why to get rich (Lesson #1)’ we learn from the perspective of an industrious young girl how easy we think life is (from that limited perspective) until we get a taste of real living! Those onions, lol!

    What I’m Planning to Read Next:

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