Reading Goals – Updates & Plans

Halfway through January and I realize I didn’t share an end of year update on my reading goals for 2018. While I did manage to share some of my favorite reads of the year, trying to read and catch up on reviews put this post on the back burner unfortunately. But I look at this as an opportunity to reflect on what worked and what I would like to change in my reading going forward in 2019.

So how’d I do?

2018 Reading Stats

    Read 50 books: exceeded my Goodreads goal by reading a total of 101 books. I’ve never read that many books in one calendar year as an adult.
    Read one classic a month: exceeded my goal of 12 classics for the year by reading more than double that amount, with a final total of 31.
    Read one non-fiction book a month: I found my stride after a concerted effort to get to it at my mid-year check in, with a final total of 18.
    Shop Your Shelf: reading more from books I own that are already on my shelf, ideally books I acquired before 2018. I could justify my final total by adding almost 20 books (which were review copies so technically they were on my shelf, lol, but I digress) I’m going to count books I already had for a final total of 45.
    Prize winning books: at least 4, I realize I didn’t have a column for this on my stats list. Oops!
    Poetry & short stories: 2 of each!
    Off the Shelf Reading Resolution: Finished!
  • Other Reading Stats

    • The books in this picture are the 5 LONGEST books I’ve read this year. 3,980 pages, 20 shy of 4,000.  Would you be surprised if I told you all of these were buddy reads or readalongs? ALL 5🌟 reads . All CLASSICS.
      Other genre stats: 25 fiction16 historical fiction 11 mystery

    I’m happy to look back over the year with a sense of satisfaction because I’ve had a TREMENDOUSLY wonderful year of reading. 

    2019 Goals

    As I think about my reading for 2019, there are a few things from 2018 I’d like to carry over; read short stories, poetry, nonfiction, and my biggest and always challenging, shop your shelf goal.

    Although I read a lot in 2018, I’d like to read with purpose and get back to read, tea, review. I need to get back in the habit of writing my review when I finish my book. Many of the reviews I shared at the end of the year were books I read earlier in the year, started writing and somehow got sidetracked. I want to get back on a regular schedule for reading and reviewing here on the blog.

    One of my blog buddy’s, Melanie over at Grab the Lapels gave me a suggestion based on her approach to reading books she already has by using some of the following categories.

    • Oldest book shelved
    • Newest book shelved
    • Random Pick
    • Non-fiction

    I’m hopeful my goals align with these categories but if not I’m willing to adjust to keep my reading goals on track each month. I’m also battling my infamous spreadsheet of unread books and let’s just say I had to take a break. I overwhelmed myself and needed to find solace in reading. Lol LOL! As I write this, I realize I need to pick a non-fiction book for the month of January!

    What reading goals do you set for yourself outside of number of books? How’d you do? Any suggestions on tackling the books you already have?

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    24 thoughts on “Reading Goals – Updates & Plans

      1. Thanks for stopping by! Since classics are a regular part of my reading life I don’t think it needs to be a goal any more. 😊

        I’m looking forward to reading some books with you this year as well. I can think of at least 2 we have in common. Also, any thoughts on a readalong hosted on the blog?

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    1. Oh wow !! you did so good with your 2018 goals, even exceeding them !! Congrats, i’m proud of you ! πŸ˜„

      Oh, your friend have quite a nice approach .. All the luck for this year’s goals too. Reviews on time seems to be a common struggle in our community.. πŸ˜… there’s just SO many books, eh ! ahah

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      1. Thanks! It’s really rewarding to look back over my year in reading especially to see if I accomplished what I set out to read. πŸ˜‰

        Aren’t there so many books! I ask myself when will I have more time, I’m going to try to work on more timely reviews. But I had an idea this morning, I can try sharing weekly updates of what I’m currently reading. I’ve seen a few people share and it never occurred to me to just write about books that way on the blog. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ

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        1. I bet yeah ! i’m not there yet xD it’s more “finish the more I can” and that’s enough for now ahah

          ooooh yeah, that can work !! Or, instead of posting separate reviews, you can do like 5-6 “mini reviews” in one post..

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    2. Thanks for the shout-out, Shell! I think a couple of things about my method of reading will work well for the small struggles you had in 2018: 1) if you have multiple challenges or goals, you can use that “random” category to meet your goals. Granted, you couldn’t read 12 of a one type of book and have several goals that ask that you read 12 books. You don’t have the space. But, 2) I always have 4 categories because that leaves time to read a book, reflect for a day, then write the review. I’ll then try to start the next book on Monday, so I’m always reading and writing with a rhythm, If one post per week is not enough for you, consider doing a reading diary about the book your reading and post that on Thursday, then post the review on Monday. I also like to share a post on the 1st of the month telling people what I’m going to read so they can look for reviews of books that caught their eye, and so I feel more accountable.

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      1. I’ve actually be a keeping a book journal for the last few years and I’ve found it very helpful in refreshing my thoughts when writing my reviews (which was why I was able to churn several out in a row at the end of the year).

        I want to get back to one post a week which was regular and comfortable for me and not a lot of pressure. But so funny you should recommend the 1st of the month post. I was thinking about doing that this morning! πŸ˜‰ Great minds? I also thought about being koe flexible and moved go share what’s going on with my reading, maybe mini reviews or a wrap up at the end of the month to share how things went for the month with what I planned to read.


        1. Some bloggers do weekend updates (usually on Sunday) to discuss what they read and what they’re going to read the next week. I feel like it a person does that, they don’t need the big monthly post, too. I aim to not give the same information repeatedly myself, but I know lots of other bloggers do it, so there must be something about it. Unless they’re all just liking each other’s posts. Not sure. I think I’m going to start linking the posts I shared the previous month in a simple list at the beginning of my monthly “here’s what I’m going to read” post.


    3. Terrific job on the goals! So many classics, hooray! I commend your idea to write the posts as soon as you finish a book. I have never been able to do that! But I try to write about them within a week or so. If it gets too long sometimes I just move on! Wishing you a very good reading year!

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      1. Thanks Laila! Some books I find it easy to write about when I finish and then sometimes other books it doesn’t. But I’m trying to do a better job this year. I’m trying to wrap up one review so I can start another.

        If all of those classics were on my CC list, I’d be finished this year. Lol, but that’s OK.

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