The Red Pony – Review

“Course he knows it. Jesus Christ! Man, can’t you see how he’d feel about it?”

Steinbeck has quickly become one of my favorite authors. My expectations remain very high after my first encounter with his work a few years ago when I read East of Eden.

This short novella, The Red Pony, does not disappoint in the least. Young Jody struggles to win the approval of his strict and unaffection father but remains hopeful that one day, he will own his own pony! But through the book, Jody learns how expectations, what we hope for, might not always turn out that way.

Steinbeck teaches us as the readers and young Jody other lessons. From Judy’s dad, Carl Tiffin, we see the unfortunate viewpoint some have about older people and animals. Carl wants to put th my out of their misery so to speak but really, don’t they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect?

“He’s got a right to rest.”

“They got a right to rest after they worked all their life. Maybe they just like to walk with.”

After Jody is confronted with a loss early on, Jody’s dad is unfeeling and seems to dismisses Jody’s feelings. Poor Jody. Billy Buck, the horse handler seems to be more of a father and role model to Jody.

Overall, I enjoyed this one but am glad it came to an end, my heart couldn’t take anymore heartbreak for Jody.

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