Boardwalk Summer- Review

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author, Meredith Jaeger, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Boardwalk Summer is told in alternating POVs from the past and present, and I wondered how the life of Violet Hastings (1940), a beautiful young woman with aspirations to make it big in Hollywood despite being married to a very controlling and manipulative husband, would intersect or overlap with the life of single mom Marisol Cruz (2007), living with her 4 year old daughter (with her parents) after her dreams of being a historian seemingly have faded into the background.

When Mari takes a job at the museum for the Boardwalk’s Centennial Celebration, she discovers the mayor’s plans at ‘urbanization’ with no plans to preserve the landscape and historical value of this piece of Santa Cruz history. At the head of these plans is the mayor’s son, a selfish man she has tried to avoid at all cost because of his disdain for the daughter they share.

As Mari works on a project she hopes will preserve the history of the Boardwalk, she discovers Violet’s obituary and can’t get those sad eyes out of her mind. Imagine her surprise when she finds a note from Violet among some of her grandfather’s (Ricky Cruz) keepsakes.

These two women have more than Ricky Cruz in common. Both are faced with challenges, men who try to crush their dreams and ambitions, but both women have a determination and endurance that develops as they fight for themselves and their happiness.

Violet and Mari both have a story and a voice that drew me in right away. As the stories unfold and eventually intersect, I can’t help but admit there were a few things I didn’t see coming. This was a perfect summer vacation read and I can’t wait to read Jaeger’s next book! Note: I’d also recommend her fist book, The Dressmaker’s Dowry!

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