Bookstore Tea Haul

On a trip to Barnes and Noble I browsed the books and admired various editons of some of my recent reads and favorite authors. But just a minute, I’m going to pat myself on the back, I didn’t buy any books. That’s always a challenge, to leave without books, but in this instance, I’m very happy I exercised some self control. When I saw a display for Harney and Sons tea this bookstore visit turned into a tea haul instead.

I picked up two teas for a great deal; buy one tea and get the Royal Wedding Tea for $5. I couldn’t pass this one up considering the regular price for both the teas plus shipping if I ordered online would easily exceed this in store price. I decided on Tropical Green which sounded amazing and put me in a good mood as I imagined sipping this one as an iced tea on the beach.

I love loose leaf tea because it typically yields a better tea drinking experience and can be steeped multiple times versus bagged tea. I also like purchasing tea packaged in sachets for a few reasons:

  • easy to share
  • Better quality/flavor than bagged tea
  • I can see the tea (I cut the sachet open and prepare in my tea infuser although not necessary)
  • Portable! Great for on the go if you want to prepare tea away from home (at work, vacation, etc)

Notes on teas

  • Royal Wedding – this is a white tea blend, a slight floral flavor with a almond like after taste; elegant and danity. (Pictured in the cup)
  • Green Tropical – this green tea has a nice pineapple flavor but isn’t overly sweet. It’s good hot, but delightfully refreshing for a hot day summer day.

I haven’t read the book pictured, Somerset by Leila Meacham, but based on the synopsis, Gone With the Wind meets the Help, I think I’ll have a wonderful journey with this historical fiction book. The book looked lovely with the tea tins and tea cup. I’ve linked the info for both teas if you’d like more information.

But I’d highly recommend going into your local Barnes and Noble to see if you can find some wonderful tea deals too!

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