How do you read your books?

There was a time not so far in the distant past when I told myself I would only read books in a hard copy format. eReader, absolutely not; tablet, nope, I don’t think so! I was convinced I needed to have a physical book in my hand. Like many today, I spend enough time at work staring at a computer screen. I savored the feel of a book, the turning of pages, using random scraps of paper to mark my place (although I have countless bookmarks) but I think you catch my drift.

So what happened? My mom gave me a Kindle Fire shortly after the first one was released and right away I was hooked. I no longer worried about not having another book to read when I finished what I was reading (momentous truth, no reader leaves home without extra books). In addition, I could borrow a variety of ebooks from my local library with a few simple clicks. I was feeling like a kid in an ice cream shop (because really, isn’t ice cream better)?

My major problem with the Kindle Fire? Battery life and eye fatigue after reading for long periods of time. Solution? Black Friday Kindle Paperwhite deal! Great investment for my reading life. No glare + amazing battery life = lots of reading (even in the dark in bed when you change the screen settings). I told everyone if they were looking for an TRUE eReader, this was the one to buy!

Fast forward to last year when one of my bookstagram buddy’s suggested I try audiobooks. Yes, nay sayer that I am, I resisted the idea because frankly, I don’t need someone to READ to me. But as a reading goal for 2017, I decided to give it a try. My first and absolute favorite audiobook was How Green Was My Valley, by Richard Llewellyn, narrated by Ralph Cosham. (#bestnarratorEVER but more on this later).

The point I would like to make with this post is this: reading is important. Some of us may have a preference, we might even have the tendency to quickly dismiss a ‘method’ of reading without really giving it a whole hearted try. But if you’re like me, reading is important. If I can take advantage of any of these methods to do what I love, then why not? It’s like saying you only drink your beverage from a cold glass and nothing else. Face it, if your thirsty enough, you’ll drink from a plastic cup, a paper cup, a bottle, or even a fancy wine glass.

Moral of the story: A thirsty reader’s gonna read (and drink, and in my case, drink tea)!

Happy reading.

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8 thoughts on “How do you read your books?

  1. I’m a tea drinker too! And I agree, people should read / consume books in whatever form works for them. I used to be really picky about how I read — only new, paperback physical books! — because I was convinced this was the “best” form of a book..but eventually I realized it was a silly limitation that served no real purpose. Now I read used books, ebooks, hardbacks, books from the library, whatever. As long as someone’s reading more, it’s all good, if you ask me! 🙂

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    1. Yaay for more tea drinkers! I can relate to you on being particular about how I read befoe. I’ve wondered about this especially since I started using audiobooks. Have you ever kept track of how many hours of audiobooks you’ve listened to in a year? As long as we read it’s important 🙂


  2. E-ink Kindles are the best 🙂 I would not be able to blog without one (I’m international, getting paper books and especially ARCs is not really for me)… But lately I’ve been getting into text to speech a lot! It’s because you can read your ARCs that way, and it’s so much faster, and it rests your eyes. Definitely my find of the year 🙂

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    1. I really enjoy my kindle and it’s so convenient. I will have to look into text to speech (I’ve only done audiobooks with the whisper sync feature on my kindle). I am so happy we can find so many ways to enjoy our reading. Happy reading!


  3. I have read a few books on a tablet for Netgalley but I so much prefer the hard copy and don’t think I will ever be converted. I am interested in audio books but have never tried one. My commute is too short to make it worthwhile and when I’m at home, I much prefer a book in my hand.

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    1. I experience too much eye fatigue when I read on my tablet. But I figured as long as we read using some of the options can be beneficial. I love using audiobooks especially when I’m commuting or running errands. It’s like I don’t have to stop reading to take care of my adulting stuff. 😊

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